10 questions for parents to ask their child or their child’s new employer

A parent concerned about their teen’s safety at work should ask these questions:

1)      Will my son or daughter be asked to drive a vehicle?

2)      Will the job involve their being driven by others?

3)      Is the commute lengthy?

4)      Is there any machinery or tools that my child might be asked to use that may be dangerous?

5)      Will he or she receive safety training?

6)      How detailed is that training?

7)      Is there any risk of falling involved with the job?

8)      Will my child ever be on the job site alone?

9)      Have my child and I visited www.youthrules.dol.gov to review state and federal law to make sure that we know what restrictions apply to their employment?

10)   Is my child’s job impacting their physical or emotional health or their education negatively?

[for more information on the safety of teen jobs, please check out NCL’s 2010 Five Worst Jobs for Teens in this section]