Ending the Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers

By Katarzyna Rybarczyk Around the world children as young as ten years old fight in armed

Kenya’s Somali Refugees: Overcoming Cultural Obstacles to Girls’ Education in Dadaab

11 April 2012 [from the AllAfrica Web site] Dadaab — A mix of cultural practices, such as early

The Terrorized Lives of Somali Child Soldiers

As the rattle of gunfire echoed loudly outside, Mohamed Abdi sat in the corner of a Mogadishu

From playground to battleground: children on the frontline in Somalia

from The Guardian, reporter Mohamad Shil As the rattle of gunfire becomes louder, Mohamed Abdi sits

Islamist Suicide Bombing Kills Somali Star International–Soccer Used as Tool to Prevent Child Soldiers

[from] By James M. Dorsey/(Correspondent) on February 23, 2011 Soccer star

The U.S., Somalia, and Child Soldiers

Viewpoint/Elizabeth Gardner I’ve been going through a mental checklist of some of the