U.S. to support Peru in fight against Child Labor

By Manuel Vigo [from LivinginPeru.com]

On Tuesday the U.S Department of Labor awarded a $13 million grant in support of NGOs that fight against child labor in Peru.

The 4-year program will be carried out in Huancavelica, Junin and Pasco, and will target 6,500 children working in agriculture and other sectors in rural Peru, said the press release.

NGO ‘Desarrollo y Autogestión’ (DYA) will lead an international group of NGOs in the fight against exploitative child labor in Peru.

DYA is an Ecuador-based NGO with long experience in working with governments, NGOs and the International Labour Organization to improve education and employment opportunities in underserved communities in the region.

The grant, the press release said, was the result of bilateral talks held between U.S. and Peruvian representatives.

In August a U.S. delegation met with the new administration of President Humala and discussed ideas on how the U.S. could support the Government of Peru in social inclusion initiatives.