Young Worker Deaths & Injuries

CLC Press Release: Ban Child Labor in US Tobacco Fields

For immediate release: November 22, 2013 Contact: Reid Maki, (202) 207-2820,

Tragic Story of Deaths in a Grain Bin Highlights the Need for Increased Safeguards and Larger Fines

Twenty-five to 30 kids a year die at work. Through its advocacy and co-chairmanship of the Child

NCL: Grain Silos are Death Traps on Farms—Efforts to Protect Workers, Especially Teens, Must be Stepped Up

NATIONAL CONSUMERS LEAGUE PRESS STATEMENT For immediate release: October 30, 2012 Contact: Reid

Human Rights Watch’s Zama Coursen-Neff on The Hidden Victims of Tobacco

The smoking habits of the presidential candidates keep coming up: Barack Obama’s efforts to

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It’s that time of year again in the United States: teens are pounding the pavement looking

Tips for Parents, Employers, and Teens from NCL’s Five Most Dangerous Jobs for Teens 2012 Report

While work plays an important role in the development of teenagers, teens and parents should

Agriculture: Harvesting Crops and Using Machinery — One of the Most Dangerous Teen Jobs 2012

According to the CDC, in 2009 more than one million youth younger than 20 years old lived on farms

Workplace Violence (Segment from NCL’s Five Most Dangerous Jobs for Teens 2012 Report)

Restaurants and retail establishments also hold risks of workplace violence. According to 2010 data