Young Worker Deaths & Injuries

A five-most-dangerous job for teens: Construction and height work

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics fatality records, construction and roofing are two of the

A five-most-dangerous job for teen workers: Outside helper, landscaping, tree-trimming, groundskeeping, and lawn service

Landscaping and yard work is a frequent entry point into the job market for teenagers. However, the

Agriculture: Other types of farm work—Harvesting crops and using machinery

Despite perceptions that farms are safe, wholesome places for children, farms are actually quite

Tobacco harvester — A five-most-dangerous job for teens

 A 12-year-old cannot legally buy cigarettes in the U.S., but they are allowed to work in a

Introduction: Teens continue to get killed and hurt at work

[Section 1 of the “Five Most Dangerous Jobs for Teens” Report 2016] Nearly 5,000

NCL’s Five Most Dangerous Teen Jobs

The National Consumers League publishes its annual list of the Five Most Dangerous Jobs for Teens

NCL’s 2015 Five Most Dangerous Jobs For Teens:

Tips for Teen Workers, Parents, and Employers to Help Working Teens Stay Safe in the Work Place

CLC Press Release: Ban Child Labor in US Tobacco Fields

For immediate release: November 22, 2013 Contact: Reid Maki, (202) 207-2820,