In Our Fields

Needed: A Champion for Children

By Len Morris If we are to have a government worthy of the America Jimmy Stewart described in his

NCL’s 2016 Five Most Dangerous Jobs For Teens

The National Consumers League’s annual guide to help working teens stay safe in the workplace

Agriculture: Other types of farm work—Harvesting crops and using machinery

Despite perceptions that farms are safe, wholesome places for children, farms are actually quite

Artwork and Essays from Migrant Children Who Toil in U.S. Agriculture

by Madeline Daniels, First Focus Campaign for Children “It’s a summer day, the sun is rising,

CLC and 57 Groups Urge Congress to Pass the “Children Don’t Belong in Tobacco Fields” Legislation Banning ChildLabor in US Tobacco

[Our  NGO letter supports legislation to ban child labor in US tobacco fields. There is both a

NCL’s 2015 Five Most Dangerous Jobs For Teens:

Tips for Teen Workers, Parents, and Employers to Help Working Teens Stay Safe in the Work Place

New Legislation Introduced to Protect US Children Working in Tobacco Fields –Please Call Your Member of Congress and Ask them to Support

Children Don’t Belong on Tobacco Farms Act The Children Don’t Belong on Tobacco Farms Act

The Legacy of César Chávez on César Chávez Day – How his vision inspires our work on child labor

Do you ever think about people from the past you wish you could go back in time to meet? At the top