Fast Facts

Child Mining

An estimated 1 million children perform hazardous work in mines around the

Child Trafficking

According to UNICEF, 1.2 million children are trafficked each year–many for purposes of

Ivory Coast

According to a Tulane University study, 40 per cent of the 820,000 children working in cocoa in


In the Philippines, an estimated 246,000 children experience abuse, violence and child labor living

Schooling and Conflict

In underdeveloped countries, every additional year of schooling reduces an adolescent boy’s risk

The Philippines

According to the Philippine government, one in five Filipino children is involved in child

Forced Labor

In June 2012, the ILO estimated that 21 million people had experienced forced labor over a 10-year


The State Department estimates that 27 million people worldwide, most of them women and children,


18 countries produce gold with child labor and many children are exposed to toxic substances like