Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

The Child Labor Coalition (CLC) exists to serve as a national network for the exchange of information about child labor; provide a forum and a unified voice on protecting working minors and ending child labor exploitation; and develop informational and educational outreach to the public and private sectors to combat child labor abuses and promote progressive initiatives and legislation.

Our Objectives:

  • To influence public policy on child labor issues through an increased understanding of the impact of work on children’s health, the quality of their lives, and their ability to produce effectively in jobs as adults, as well as increase recognition of how child labor exploitation reinforces and promotes poverty, adult unemployment, poor living standards, low literacy rates, and lax enforcement of labor regulations;
  • To work for strengthened protections, guarding youth from excessive, inappropriate, and hazardous labor;
  • To advocate for better enforcement of child labor laws and regulations, including devising and encouraging innovative ways to ensure employer compliance;
  • To educate the public, business, and governments to broaden awareness and understanding about the nature of child labor exploitation in the United States and other countries, and how it differs from legitimate and positive youth employment; and
  • To urge the Congress of the United States to act quickly to ratify and enforce all the International Labor Organization and United Nations Conventions that affect child labor.